Justice Williams MBE

Justice Williams MBE

Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Call yourself what you like…entrepreneur, leader of a passion based business, mumpreneur, solopreneur, business person…whatever, if you are the person who your clients hand over cold hard cash for then listen up.

I’m a great networker and I love to meet new business people all the time. I am particularly drawn to those who show a real, I mean REAL, passion for what they do. You know the ones, the room lights up when they are around and they beam when they talk about their businesses and what they do.

Why do I like that?

Well, for a start I am more likely to recommend them. I KNOW they will put everything into the service or creation they offer and so are most likely to do a great job because they love what they do!  I don’t want any of my recommendations falling short of a great expectation.

Now, here’s the crunch. Face to face is great but how are you the perceived on-line. If you’ve had a great first impression of someone and then go and look at their website or make the connection on-line…what are you then faced with and how does that make us feel then?

As human beings we are automatically drawn to images of other human beings before anything else. We are now very much in a world where images are everywhere, we are bombarded with them several times a day, every day.

So WHY, WHY, WHY would you NOT have a great profile image for your social media accounts? Do you think it is vain? If you see a great image of someone else…do you think that? Or do you think – they look great and their image makes you smile!

WHY would you not have a great image of you showing that passion you have for your business?

If you are a naturally happy person, a person people are drawn to, why show an image of yourself looking aloof and uninterested in the person looking at you…the person looking at your website…your next new client maybe!

What if they haven’t met you networking…are they going to think you have great passion for what you do and they must contact you?


Sarah Shortt

Sarah Shortt

Fashion Designer - Sarah Willard Couture

Sara Moseley

Sara Moseley

Professional Portrait Photographer

WHY would you show something that is badly lit, unflattering and basically poor quality? Is that not showing that you think you are not worth it? Is that not showing that you are happy to cut corners? Hmmm do you do that in your work? No, of course you don’t, but it could be perceived that way.

As businesses we operate in a world where competition is high.  Whether you are a coach, a graphic designer, web developer, accountant, solicitor, jewellery maker, marketing consultant or dare I say photographer you have tens of others offering essentially the same service…only YOU are what makes your business different.  YOU are the unique element and how YOU create and deliver your service…that is what they need to see. Are they seeing that? Are they seeing a ‘stock library’ website with no humanisation of what you offer?

Why be the same as everyone else?

There are plenty of others who will not bother about their profile image. Plenty will just get by. Plenty will merely survive. Is that you? I encourage you to shout ‘NO!!!’

If you want your business to fly, if you want to be brave and get out there into the media  and be seen as an expert in your field, the person who guest blogs for others, the person who attracts exactly the right clients they want…then you have to ‘get bothered’,  you  have to think about how you are seen. Your profile images are the perfect start. From there you can build a website and have marketing materials to be proud of, images to send to the press that you won’t cringe at and a sense of pride to be the person behind your awesome offering!

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.”

Maya Angelou

If that quote speaks to you, if you are willing to be brave and do this for your business, then I would LOVE to help you create the images that reflect exactly that in you.

Keep being fabulous!




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