I LOVE my photos!

They were all so lovely I didn’t know which ones to choose! Sara really has a talent and she can see subtle things and advises you on how to pose naturally without feeling awkward and really understands how to bring your personality out in photos.


Having a photo-shoot can be nerve-wracking but I was relaxed and reassured throughout and Sara was just brilliant at telling me how to stand, pose and be natural. The pre and post communication was caring and personal.


Having professional photos makes me feel so much more confident. I’ve actually entered some business awards since having them and have updated all my profiles!


Sara was just lovely on the day. I am so chuffed with the results and really recommend Sara to you for your professional shots.


Thank you so so much!”

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Hayley Gillard

Managing Director and Ecotherapist, Wild Goose

Hayley and I instantly hit it off from our very contact!

I love what Hayley’s business is all about. I am very fortunate to live near Cannock Chase in Staffordshire and I go for an hours’ walk there at least once a week. There is something about the fresh air, the trees and the sheer beauty of the place that is so relaxing and dare I say – rebalancing! It’s damn good for me these days. This is something Hayley totally ‘gets’,  in fact she has based her whole business on using the great outdoors to help others relax, de-stress, re-balance and have fun in!

By the time we finished our pre-shoot consultation on the phone, we were ready for the shoot. Hayley was keen (quite rightly) to ensure she picked exactly the right pieces from her wardrobe that showed her true authentic self in her preferred working environment…outdoors.


Bearing all this in mind, Cannock Chase proved to be the perfect location for the first part of Hayley’s photo-shoot…she even did a little bare foot walking, something she is very passionate about…looks great! We chatted, giggled and Hayley was full of info and advice about the natural environment we were in and we even stopped to pour out and enjoy a quick hot chocolate!


For the second part of her shoot, we wanted to show Hayley as she in is ‘female entrepreneur’ and ‘speaker’ mode. Here, she is most comfortable in a casual smart dress and gorgeous colours…this is a strictly “no suit zone” here (again something we were both so passionate about).

Hayley felt and therefore looked fabulously confident and relaxed for this part of the shoot and the colours compliment her personality beautifully. Perfect shots for her clients to see the other side of her, in particular through the press and magazine articles about her and her wonderful business.


Hayley may have been nervous about having her photographs taken to start with BUT she got over it to further her marketing impact for the good of her passion behind her business. Good for her, right?

Hayley is a perfect client for me. Why? Because she is perfectly clear on what she and her business stand for, she knows exactly where she is going AND she is so authentically herself in developing her business. I am delighted to have been able to capture all of this on camera for her. I cannot wait to see these images on her website, on her social media accounts AND in the press.

I wish you all the very best, Hayley and I hope to come up to Otley to do some bare foot walking and hot chocolate drinking with you soon. (Ooo I can feel the mud between my toes already!)

If you are a female entrepreneur looking to up your profile and would like a bespoke photo-shoot like this, please get it touch and we can work out how to make your shoot as unique as you.