I’m afraid I got over excited when planning Alice’s shoot with her and decided that we must have sheep one of our shots as they meant so much to Alice.

I’ve always been a fan of networking and it paid off big time, when I decided to source some sheep to model for us. My network of local contacts came up with a fabulous few models for us to photograph and it went really well. Alice was very kind with her testimonial that she provided and so I am going to hand over to her to tell the tale!

“To say that I am camera shy would be an understatement… I hate having my picture taken and as a consequence there are few pictures of me around. I even considered not having a photographer at my wedding so that I didn’t have the day ‘spoilt’ by knowing my picture was being taken.

So when one of my clients ‘kindly’ pointed out that my website picture was out of date I was more than a little embarrassed and decided it was time to take the bull by the horns. Enter Sara Moseley.

I knew that for my business to be properly represented online I needed to face the camera and I needed a photographer who would have the patience to wait for my ‘weird photo face’ to disappear so they could capture the real me. . (If you don’t think weird photo face is a thing then look at the before and after photos.) I loved Sara’s style on her website and I so I bit the bullet.

Our initial conversation immediately put me at ease. Sara was very understanding and made me laugh which was going to be a big plus for relaxing and banishing the ‘weird photo face’  She also got me really thinking about what to wear, how I might be using the pictures in the future and the look I wanted to represent.  After finding out more about me Sara suggested we meet in a cool café where we could do some shots of me working before going outside for some different locations. It all sounded great and I pretended not to be nervous!

The day of the shoot came and my carefully arranged outfits were packed up and I set off for Lichfield. Sara was as lovely in person as she was on the phone and quickly put me at ease. Then she picked up the camera and ‘weird photo face’ arrived in all her glory. Sara taught me some really great tips for looking more natural and before long I was able to do a proper smile and while I wasn’t quite enjoying being photographed I didn’t find it nearly as uncomfortable as I had expected. We went to a range of locations around the lovely cathedral. Then I discovered that Sara had gone the extra mile and found some sheep for me to be photographed with! I breed sheep but lived a little too far away for them to come on location so this was a lovely touch. The shoot finished with me feeling elated that I had done it and now I just needed to wait for the results.

Sara sent the email with the link to my online gallery and it took me all day to work up the courage to look I was so nervous. What a fool! All the pictures were fabulous and the biggest problem was choosing the ones I wanted to use from the amazing selection she provided. I was absolutely delighted and can’t wait to update my online presence to show off the real me. If you have any hesitation about having a professional shoot done then go and see Sara. She will put you at ease and make sure that you are able to connect with your customers online and in print by showing your real self. You owe it to your business and yourself. I am so pleased I stepped outside my comfort zone and over the moon with the results.”

Alice Jennings

Build a business that runs itself

Alice's image she was using before our photo-shoot

Alice’s image she was using before our photo-shoot


Alice’s shot I took that she now uses, I know which one I prefer, don’t you?


I really enjoyed this shoot, all my shoots are so very different, I just love the variety of fabulous entrepreneurs I get to meet.

If you’d like to have a chat about a bespoke shoot, please feel free to get in touch…especially if you have any unusual pets and hobbies like Alice does 😉